Lavender Chamomile Dusting Powder GB

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Remember dusting powder? If you are of a certain age, perhaps you saw your mom or grandma using a little to freshen up and asked if you could try it too, just like a grown-up! Well, dusting powder is back, though to be honest it never really went away. It’s been used for years by women to help absorb moisture on damp skin and add a light fragrance that will linger through the day. Perspiring on a humid day? Sweaty after a good workout? Toweling off after a hot shower? If you’d like to add a light fragrance to your body and get rid of a little of the excess moisture as well, reach for our fabulous Lavender Chamomile Dusting Powder. And if your feet are hot and sweaty and smelly, sprinkle a little dusting powder on them too and also in your shoes or boots.  

There is nothing old-fashioned about the alluring scent of our dusting powder. It’s a lovely, fresh and light fragrance that combines the floral scent of lavender with the subtle herbal scent of chamomile. This combination feels light and contemporary and right for the times.

Our Lavender Chamomile Dusting Powder contains corn starch (no talc) with lavender and chamomile fragrances and comes with a soft powder puff for easy use. Your mother and grandmother had a few beauty secrets, one of them being the wonderful benefits of dusting powder. It's your turn to discover them for yourself. 4 oz.

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