Lavender Chamomile Liquid Soap GB

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If you are looking for a creamy hand soap that is rich and smooth and has a heavenly, fresh scent, look no further. Lavender, with its warm floral scent, and chamomile, with its slightly herbal scent, combine here into a fresh fragrance that is a favorite of many. And since both chamomile and lavender have been used for centuries for their calming effects, the two fragrances complement each other in this way as well.

The lavender and chamomile oils also soothe, cleanse and moisturize your hands while you wash them. Since people now wash their hands frequently throughout the day, a soap that will leave your hands smelling fragrant, as well as moisturized and clean, is a necessity. This Lavender Chamomile Liquid Soap does the job, so keep a bottle handy at every sink.  Washing your hands frequently will not be a chore but a pleasurable experience. 16 oz.


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