Sweet Lavender Glycerin Soap

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Are you looking for a gentle glycerin soap that is an excellent cleanser and also an exceptional moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and well-hydrated? And wouldn’t it be even better if this soap had that wonderfully fragrant scent of sweet lavender --- a scent that gets absorbed into and lingers on your skin with its relaxing fragrance? And, in the best of all worlds, wouldn’t this soap also have a lovely and unique appearance? Well, we have your soap, and it’s right here!

Our all-natural glycerin soap, which ever-so-gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin, has that amazing sweet lavender fragrance everyone loves. Its distinctive two-toned lavender hue has a darker lavender color on the bottom that blends into a lighter lavender color on top. There is definitely nothing average about this soap.

If you love glycerin soaps and all that they do for your skin, as many of our customers do, you’ll love this soap. And if you don’t use a glycerin soap as part of your skin-care regimen and would like to try one, we recommend this remarkable soap. It will quickly become your favorite. 5.5 oz


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