Rose Mint Lavender Tea-Loose 1 Oz.

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With its intriguing mix of familiar and new scents and tastes, this tea made from organic white tea, organic rose petals, organic mint and organic lavender is just too deliciously interesting to pass up.

With its light floral, minty taste, it might just might become your new favorite when you pause for a relaxing cup of tea at work or at home. Or, give it as a gift to a friend who enjoys tea and loves discovering new blends. This one ounce package is the perfect sampler size for tea lovers who enjoy experimenting with new flavors and blends. 

This tea is handmade in our workshops in Door County.  Be sure to check out our other delicious teas: Chamomile Lavender Tea, Hibiscus Lavender Tea and Spring Mountain Green Tea. 

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