Lavender Coconut Fragrance Oil

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If you are looking for a very unique fragrance oil that blends a light floral scent with a warm, fruity tropical scent, then try this Lavender Coconut Fragrance Oil.

A delightful combination of coconut and lavender oils, this skin-safe fragrance has a variety of uses. You can apply it directly to your skin as a perfume or you can mix it with your lotions and creams to make your own signature scent.

You can also mix it with household products -- like room sprays and cleaning solutions -- to add an exotic aroma throughout your home. And don't forget to add a few drops to your laundry for an aroma that carries you off to that land of coconuts and lavender where we all like to spend time

This fragrance oil, handmade in our workshops in Door County, is sure to please. 0.5 fl. oz.

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