Lavender Bath Salts-14 oz.

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Are you tired, stressed or simply in need of pampering? Here’s our solution (and it works every time): just announce that you are putting yourself in “Time Out,” then fill your tub with warm water, add a cup or more of our Lavender Bath Salts (made with Epsom salt and lavender essential oil), light one of our lavender-scented candles, put on your favorite music, close your eyes, breathe deeply and enter the relaxation zone, where you can stay as long as you like!

Epsom salt and lavender essential oil, when added to a warm bath, are a winning combination that will soothe and relax you and fill your space with the intoxicating lavender scent. You’ll emerge from your soak (reluctantly!) feeling silky, smelling really, really good all over from tippy top to tippy toes, and ready to once more take on your world, with all of its challenges.

Our customers love these bath salts which is the best endorsement we can give. And if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that says, “Take some well-deserved time to indulge yourself,” look no further! Handmade in our workshops in Door County, this exceptional bath product is sure to please!  14 oz.


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