About us

Welcome to the The Island Lavender Farm and Market!  In the true spirit reminiscent of a community barn raising, our friends and neighbors helped plant the first lavender fields in 2013.   Since then, the lavender plants and fields and gardens have grown and thrived resulting in greater harvests and new products. We produce and select our lavender products with great care, listening to our customers' suggestions, working to surprise and exceed expectations.

Island Lavender celebrates our traditional "Annual Blooming Festival" between July 1st and August 1 with specialty lavender artist presentations in both our Wisconsin stores.   Phase one of the  lavender harvest begins in July for some plants.  After the beautiful lavender buds have grown plump and ripened into a deep and vibrant lavender color, the stems carrying the buds are carefully removed from the plants by hand using a gently-curved harvest sickle. On sunny warm mornings, the fresh oil-filled stems and buds are placed into buckets of cool water to help retain their fragrant oils as they wait to be bundled for drying in the cool, dark drying barns.  After weeks of drying, the stems and buds are gently sorted, separated, cleaned and delivered to our specialty kitchens and artisan workshops where Island Lavender products are created for our customers. 

Phase two of the lavender harvest occurs in August for the remaining plants.  By that time, the plants have fully bloomed and essential oil has built up in the flowers, leaves and stems.  We hand harvest the plants and, using a state of the art commercial steam-distillation still, create our signature essential lavender oil.

The Island Lavender Farm grows primarily Lavandula Angustifolia, commonly known as English Lavender. We grow many varieties of English Lavender, including Royal Velvet, Maillette, Folgate, Edelweiss and Hidcote. English Lavender is noted for its soft, sweet fragrance and is most often used in culinary products. The buds (both whole and ground) and essential oil are used in our teas, salts, sugar, vinegars, oils, chocolates, and mixed spices such as Herbes de Provence.

We also grow Lavandula X Intermedia, which is a hybrid cross of various Lavandulas and is also known as a Lavandin. Grosso is the primary Lavandin we grow because it produces beautiful flowers and long stems appropriate for dried flower arrangements. Lavandin plants have a higher level of camphor than other lavender plants and that camphor is what produces a cool and refreshing sensation.  Lavandin oil is commonly used for scenting our lotions, soaps, sachets, candles, potpourri, and wreaths.

The Island Lavender Farm and Market kitchens and artisan workshops offer new and unique products. If you are nearby this season, we look forward to seeing you in person. Please visit all three of our exciting retail locations where we can answer your questions and share our lavender experiences with you.

The Island Lavender Farm Market is located in Door County, Wisconsin at our large historic red barn on Hwy. 42, on the north edge of Ephraim just before entering into Sister Bay.  The address is 10432 Hwy. 42 (Water Street) Ephraim, WI, 54211.  Our winter hours are 10-4 Thursday through Saturday.  We will move to summer hours, which are daily 10-4, after Memorial Day.  Please call 920-737-1531 for current hours.

For more information please contact us at 920-737-1531 or via email at [email protected]

Thank you for visiting Island Lavender Farm and Market! We look forward to serving you!