Diffuser Oil Refill

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If you love your reed diffuser and use it often to add fragrance to your home, you'll no doubt be needing refills on your diffuser oil.  We offer two wonderful and very distinctive scents that work in every reed diffuser:  lavender eucalyptus and white linen and lavender.  Lavender eucalyptus combines the light, floral scent of lavender with the earthy, spicy scent of eucalyptus. The white linen and lavender scent combines the distinctly floral scent of the white linen fragrance with the lighter floral scent of lavender. 

Both are great choices for your diffuser.  But if you can't decide which scent to choose, try them both, as many of our customers enjoy changing out the scents in their diffusers as seasons change.  You might prefer the earthy scent of eucalyptus mixed with lavender in the fall and the more floral scent of white linen mixed with lavender in the spring. Changing your home fragrance is a little like redecorating (and much cheaper), as a scent definitely affects how you feel about a room.  Love your scent and you will love your room! 6 oz.


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