Milk Bottle Cand

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Evoking bygone days, this 8 ounce soy/beeswax candle is one of our most popular sellers. With its classic style in the shape of an old-fashioned milk bottle, it looks pretty wherever you place it in your home.

We offer this candle in two very popular scents: citrus lavender and eucalyptus lavender. The citrus lavender candle blends the fresh, crisp citrus notes of lemongrass essential oil with the lightly floral lavender essential oil fragrance. The eucalyptus lavender candle combines the more exotic, spicy scent of eucalyptus essential oil with the floral scent of lavender essential oil

This candle will delight your senses for nearly 50 hours. And when the candle has burned through, you will have a lovely, vintage-style milk bottle bud vase perfect for holding posies on your table or windowsill.  

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