Aroma Diffuser

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An in-store favorite, this delightful reed diffuser set will scent a room for up to three months using reeds that wick the fragrance into the air from the reservoir. We offer two lovely fragrances to choose from: lavender/eucalyptus, which combines the light, floral scent of lavender with the earthy, spicy scent of eucalyptus, and white linen/lavender, which combines the distinctly floral scent of the white linen fragrance with the lighter floral scent of lavender.  

For those who do not use candles, this reed diffuser set offers an easy, convenient and flameless way to add fragrance to rooms, linen closets  and clothes closets. Just pour the diffuser oil into the glass reservoir bottle, arrange the reeds in the bottle and sit back and enjoy the fragrance.  And if you sense after a while that the reeds are losing a bit of their scent, just flip the reeds over so they will continue wicking the fragrance into the air. 

The set includes fifteen 12-inch reeds, a pretty glass fragrance jar, and the fragrance oil. 6.76 oz.

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