Vanilla Lavender Granola

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This Vanilla Lavender Granola is sure to please everyone. It's made right here in Door County exclusively for Island Lavender with organic gluten-free oats, almonds, maple syrup, coconut oil, coconut chips, vanilla extract, sea salt and dried culinary lavender buds which add a subtle richness and unique taste.

This absolutely delicious granola is perfect as an easy breakfast, an afternoon snack, or a tasty dessert when sprinkled on ice cream. It's also great any time you have an attack of the munchies. (Some of our customers swear it tastes best when eaten straight from the bag.) And if you're looking for a different yet delicious item to include in your college student's care package, look no further as it's the perfect all-purpose, all-hours dorm food.

Our granola products are some of the most popular items in our store, with customers offering rave reviews and frequently "restocking" with online and phone orders. In addition to vanilla lavender, our granola comes in these other popular flavors: cherry lavender, blueberry lavender and chocolate lavender. Try them all to discover your favorites! All our granola varieties come in two sizes: small (8 oz.) and large (16 oz.). Note: this product is made in a facility that also processes tree nuts and peanuts.

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