Spring Mountain Green Tea-Loose 1 Oz.

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If you like tea, then you’ll love the delicate mix of organic white tea, organic green tea, bergamot and lavender in our Spring Mountain Tea. Green tea, with its long-recognized health benefits, and white tea, with its minimally processed gentle and subtle flavor, form the foundation of this popular and great-tasting tea. Added to this base are bergamot, with its slightly citrusy, fruity and sweet taste, and lavender with its lightly floral, herbal taste. The result is a delicious, fresh-tasting tea with light notes of citrus, honey and floral. It’s great as a hot tea and even better as an iced tea.

In addition to adding a light floral taste to this tea, lavender adds a soothing and calming essence. So if you’re in need of a break in your day to relax and recharge, this is your go-to tea. Whether hot or iced, it will be the right choice for the moment!

This tea is handmade in our workshops in Door County.  Be sure to check out our other delicious teas: Chamomile Lavender Tea, Hibiscus Lavender Tea and Rose Mint Lavender Tea.  


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