Organza Sachet with Flowers

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This lavender-filled organza sachet has a delicate lavender sprig decorating its soft organza bag. Like all our sachets, this sachet contains only lavender buds – no stems, leaves or filler. Since it’s larger than our small lavender–filled organza sachet and thus holds more buds, its scent is stronger. But, like our small organza sachet, it’s also perfect for those little spaces that get stale and can always use a fragrant boost – like a drawer or small closet or an off-season clothes storage bin.

In a small area, the fragrance will last for months, but if you notice that it’s waning a bit, just scrunch up the organza bag and jostle those buds into releasing more of their precious oils that create the fragrance. And after a while if you notice that squeezing the buds doesn’t produce much in the way of additional aroma, you can easily replace the buds (which are available on our website), as the bag has a drawstring at the top.

The lovely lavender sprig on this soft organza bag makes this sachet the perfect gift for just about any occasion. You can use it as a luncheon or shower party favor, tuck it into a get well card or add it to a housewarming gift basket. This is truly a gift for all ages -- from your dorm dwelling college student who probably really needs this the most, to your grandmother who has always loved sachets. The possibilities are as unlimited as your thoughtfulness. This sachet is handfilled in our workshops in Door County. 


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