Lavender Pet Spray

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If you are tired of that doggy smell, this is the product you have been looking for! This lightly-scented Lavender Pet Spray will relax your dog and make his coat shine AND smell better. Made with natural products, including lavender essential oil, this spray will soothe pets and owners alike.  Everyone who is owned by a dog will appreciate the value of this Lavender Pet Spray (think of it as doggie perfume) and will want to keep it on hand, within easy reach! Handmade in our workshops in Door County, this Lavender Pet Spray is a great addition to your pet-supply shelf! 4 oz.

And when it's bath time for Fido, don't forget our Lavender Dog Bath. All dogs need a liquid bath soap that is gentle, leaves the dog smelling fragrant and relaxes the dog during the bath, which can be very stressful. Our Lavender Dog Bath does the trick!

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