Lavender Neck Wrap

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Handmade in our workshops in Door County and filled with flax seeds, buckwheat shells, chamomile flowers and lavender buds, this wonderfully aromatic neck wrap is the perfect solution for anyone who occasionally experiences an aching neck, whether caused by staring at a screen all day or sleeping in an awkward position. It can be heated in the microwave (30 seconds) or chilled in the refrigerator to deliver just the right therapeutic temperature to that bothersome neck of yours. Wrap, breathe slowly, relax and let the lavender work its magic.

Lavender has been recognized over the centuries as having a relaxing effect on mind and body, so when you use this neck wrap, you're getting more than just a compress that you can heat or chill and then apply. You're getting a soothing and relaxing experience as well. You're also getting a wrap that is covered with a pretty, soft fabric that you'll enjoy using. This sure is better than those plain, unscented neck wraps you can buy at the drug store.

If you're looking for a great gift for someone who is bothered by an achy neck, you need look no further! This pretty neck wrap will be very much appreciated and very much used. Also check out our wonderful Lavender Eye Pillow, a soothing solution to tired eyes. Note: the fabric pattern on the Lavender Neck Wrap may vary from the photo. Please call 920-737-1531 for more information and to get photos of available patterns.

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