Lavender Honey 6 oz

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This heavenly lavender-infused honey may just be the most versatile ingredient in your pantry. With its pretty amber color and its taste described as sweet and lightly floral, its uses are many and varied.

You can smear a little honey on your breakfast toast, add a dollop to your coffee, eat a PB&LH sandwich for lunch (the best!) and mix some honey into your ice cream for your after-dinner dessert. We’d call that a day of delicious eating.

But now that you are all grown up, you know that there is a more sophisticated world of possibilities (all good!) when you are lucky enough to own a jar of lavender honey. You can add it to marinades and salad dressings to mix a touch of sweetness in with the savory. Or, you can drizzle it on fruit for a delicious summer salad.

You can also use this lavender honey as a sweetener in your cake and cookie recipes (especially shortbread cookies, pound cake and muffins) and in your frosting recipes. And, you can add it to your favorite drinks. It’s especially wonderful as a sweetener in homemade iced tea and lemonade. Since lavender is in the mint family of culinary herbs, lavender honey mixes seamlessly into both drinks with delicious results. 13.8 fl oz.

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