Lavender Eye Pillow

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This aromatic eye pillow, which is handmade in our workshops in Door County, Wisconsin, is filled with all-natural flax seeds and dried lavender buds. The flax seeds give this eye pillow its light weight and pliancy so that it can be settled comfortably over your eyes, creating a soft touch that soothes tired eyes and tension headaches. The lavender buds add a relaxing fragrance that calms busy minds and eases frayed nerves.

Pretty and soft, this flannel-clad pillow is perfectly sized to cover your eyes and block out light, so it is great for a quick afternoon "lie-down" as well as at night for a relaxing start to your bedtime routine. It can be warmed (20 seconds) in a microwave or chilled for maximum therapeutic effect. And to keep your eye pillow fragrant, knead it with your fingers every now and then so that the lavender buds keep releasing their essential oil. Note: the fabric pattern on the Lavender Eye Pillow may vary from the photo. Please call 920-857-8481 for more information and to get photos of available patterns.


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