Lavender Culinary Buds .5 Oz.

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These fragrantly sweet lavender buds, specifically grown for culinary use, can be mixed into a wide variety of dishes. Add a hint of lavender to shortbread cookies and pound cakes when you bake and to seasonings for meats (especially lamb and chicken) and roasted vegetables. These are just a few suggestions. Let your creative cooking instincts lead you to some great new recipes using these buds, which have been grown organically and dried at our farm on Washington Island.

Culinary buds come from lavender varieties that are grown specifically for use in food. If you are interested in using lavender buds for aromatic purposes, such as for soaps, sachets, diffusers and candles, you'll want our Aromatic Lavender Buds. 

We offer whole Lavender Culinary Buds as well as ground Lavender Culinary Buds.  

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