Large Dried Lavender Bundle

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These lavender bundles which are dried, wrapped in kraft paper and then tied with a pretty raffia ribbon, are popular with the customers in our store. They're a beautiful addition to every room, whether displayed separately on a shelf or placed in a pretty vase, either with or without the kraft paper. Or you can make your own lovely arrangement, wreath or centerpiece by adding dried or fresh flowers. The decorating possibilities are limited only by your creativity, so you can have a lot of fun with these bundles. Not only are they lovely to look at, with their deep purple flowers, but they also carry a very nice, yet subtle, lavender scent.

In addition to offering endless possibilities for home décor, they also make simple yet classic bouquets for a bride and her attendants. They are also popular as hostess gifts, as a lovely bouquet of dried, fragrant lavender can say more than words. 4 oz.


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