Four Color Peppercorns with Lavender

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This colorful mix of black, green, white and pink peppercorns with lavender buds is an exciting blend of boldly sharp, spicy hot, and slightly sweet flavors that just pop out. The differing tastes of the four peppers, ranging from pungently peppery to more mildly peppery, contrast with, while complementing, the lightly sweet floral/herbal taste of lavender. The result is an interesting and complex taste that contains all those flavors and more.

The handy grinder top makes this spice combination perfect for use at the table as a seasoning for meats, vegetables, salads and any dish needing a bit of zest and complexity. You’ll enjoy not only the taste but the very colorful look of this seasoning.

This mix of peppercorns and lavender is also great as a rub for meats, in marinades and as a seasoning for vegetables. It's handy to have at the grill too, as you can grind then sprinkle the seasoning onto chicken or steak to add zing and color as it cooks. You can also make a spice bag out of cheesecloth and use it to season soups and chili as they simmer. The possibilities are unlimited because the seasoning itself knows no limitations. This seasoning is handmade in our workshops in Door County. 5 oz.


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