Aromatic Lavender Buds

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With these dried aromatic lavender buds you can tap into your most creative inner self.  Make your own unique sachets to give as gifts to family and friends, fashion your own dryer bags, create a new potpourri scent for your home, try your hand at making your own lotions and candles, or customize your own around-the-house cleaning products, just to name a few fun projects.  

And don't forget to add some loose buds to your drawers and closets and anywhere else around your house where you could use a light and lovely lavender fragrance. As an added bonus, these buds will help keep these areas pest-free. Some of our customers keep a bowl of aromatic buds in their homes to scoop and scrunch just to experience that intense aroma released by buds when jostled.

We offer three sizes of Aromatic Lavender Buds: Small, Medium and Large.

Note: These are aromatic lavender buds used for their scent, not for their flavor.  If you are interested in experiencing the joy of cooking with lavender buds, we recommend our Culinary Lavender Buds.

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