Lemon Lavender Scone Mix

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These lemon lavender scones are as wonderful as they sound. With just the right balance of the tart citrus taste of lemon and the mild floral/minty hint of lavender, these scones are perfection. And this scone mix is so easy – all you have to do is add whipping cream (another great ingredient) and bake. Hardly any mess translates into hardly any clean-up. Just have these delicious, moist scones ready in time for afternoon tea. The 12 ounce bag will make ten large or twenty small scone wedges. 

This scone mix, which comes in an attractive foil-lined burlap bag tied with a blue ribbon and is accompanied by instructions for preparation, makes a great hostess gift as well as a nice thank-you gift for a cook who has thoughtfully shared goodies with you in the past.

Tea and scones go hand-in-hand, so check out our lavender tea selections. Our Rose Mint Lavender Tea, which is especially popular, would be a nice accompaniment to these scones. 

And don't forget that our lavender jams, jellies and honey make great toppings for these scones, so check these out too. 



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