Lavender Sugar Cookie Mix

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Interested in adding something a little different to a traditional sugar cookie? Then you’ll love our lavender sugar cookie mix. A hint of lavender, with its light, sweet, slightly minty and floral taste, transforms the traditional sugar cookie into a delicious new treat. Just follow the easy directions on the package, then roll and cut the dough into your favorite shapes, or make it even easier for yourself by slicing and baking if you prefer to do that. Either way, you’ll be able to skip the long prep (not to mention the tedious clean-up) and move straight to the really fun part: decorating the cookies and showing off all your (and your kids’) artistic talents. Without spending the afternoon in the kitchen, you’ll have buttery, tender, pretty and unique cookies to eat and share. This 12 ounce foil bag makes approximately 20 cookies.

And when you sit down to enjoy your tasty creations, you’ll need a nice tea to accompany your snack, so don’t forget the lovely lavender teas we sell. Our Rose Mint Lavender tea would be an excellent accompaniment. Or, if you prefer coffee, we recommend our Lavender Colombian Coffee.


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