Chocolate Lavender Chewy Square Mix

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Chocolate and lavender are a popular pairing, so we know you will really like how the chocolate and lavender flavors in this mix complement each other and bring out the best of each. And not only does this Chocolate Lavender Chewy Square Mix produce excellent brownies, it is ridiculously easy to prepare. It's not surprising that these lavender brownies are so delicious you will think they're made from scratch. 

Plus, this mix comes in a really pretty, gift-ready burlap foil bag tied with a black ribbon and accompanied by easy-to-follow directions. This is the perfect present for the baker in your life who loves trying new flavor combinations and for the choco-holic non-baker who has limited time and inclination for the bothers of baking but loves simple yet interesting baking projects with fabulous results. 15 ounces.

And everyone knows that when you sit down with a plate of home-baked brownies, whether for an afternoon snack or after-dinner dessert, you will need coffee.  We offer a fabulous Lavender Colombian Coffee, so check that out too.

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