White Linen Lavender-Filled Sachet DL

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This white linen sachet bag is another of our special finds in our search for a sachet bag that is elegant yet practical. Handmade in Europe, this bag, with its pretty stitching and lovely pattern, is a really sophisticated addition to our sachet product line. Like all our sachets, it is filled with aromatic lavender buds -- no stems, leaves, twigs or other filler.

Tuck this lovely sachet into your drawer or suitcase and be met each time you open it with a whiff of fragrant lavender. And don’t forget that you can “awaken” the lavender buds in a sachet by squeezing it in your hand, forcing the buds to release more of their fragrant oil. This classy sachet, which is pretty on the outside and filled with robustly aromatic lavender on the inside, makes an ideal all-occasion gift.

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