Lavender-Filled Circle Sachet

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We are always looking for new products our customers will love, and when we saw this pretty white linen sachet bag, handmade in Europe with its delicate circle of embroidered lavender flowers, we knew instantly that we had found such an item. 

Scented sachets have been used from time immemorial, initially worn as ornaments tied around the neck or waist and used to absorb sweat, repel insects and ward off evil. And while we can’t guarantee that our sachets, even if tied around your neck or waist, will ward off evil (though they will repel insects and absorb sweat), we can guarantee that, if tucked into your linen closet, bathroom drawer, laundry room cabinet or other small space that needs freshening, they will infuse that space with the distinctive lavender scent that always feels fresh and fragrant.

And when you’re looking at a sachet bag as lovely as this one, don’t forget its gift potential – whether as a teacher gift, hostess gift, get-well gift or house-warming gift or as a luncheon party favor. Consider buying several spares to keep in your “when I need a last-minute gift” cabinet. We guarantee that this cabinet will be the best-smelling spot in your house!

As with all our sachets, if you notice that after a while the scent is not quite as intense as it once was, you can just squeeze and scrunch the bag with your hand to encourage the buds to release more of their fragrant oil and continue with their work of making your space smell great. You can also purchase additional aromatic lavender buds from our website and “re-load” which is easy to do since the sachet bag has a draw string.

These sachets are hand-filled in our workshops in Door County.

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