Blueberry Lavender Jam

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Why choose ordinary blueberry jam when you can have something much more interesting: Blueberry Lavender Jam.  The delicate floral and slightly herbal taste of lavender complements the bold, familiar and fruity blueberry taste, creating a lovely new jam taste that is sure to please. Use it on your morning toast, mix it into your yogurt, add it to cookie and cake fillings, put a dollop on your ice cream and enjoy this jar of fun food. 9 oz.

For a unique "lavender tea time" gift, pair this Blueberry Lavender Jam with our Lemon Lavender Scone Mix and our Rose Mint Lavender Tea.  Make tea time special for your special friend.

And, if you like how the blueberry and lavender flavors complement each other, check our very tasty Blueberry Lavender Granola.  

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