Lavender Caramel Corn

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The hint of lavender in our very popular Lavender Caramel Corn comes from mixing our lavender essential oil into the caramel syrup that is added to the popcorn. The result is uniquely delicious. Whether eaten as a midday snack when your sweet tooth tells you it's time or served as a fun accompaniment to cocktails, our Lavender Caramel Corn will be a hit. Our customers tell us it is especially tasty when paired with red wine but feel free to experiment with different drink combinations that can bring out its subtle, unique lavender taste.

This Lavender Caramel Corn is a unique hostess gift, as well as an all-occasion gift for anyone who loves trying new foods. We offer it in two mouth-watering sizes: small (6 oz.) and large (16 oz.).

Lavender isn't just a sweet smelling fragrance! It's now a popular taste as well. Our lavender caramel corn, coffees, teas, granolas, vinegars and spices are some of our most in-demand products. With its slightly floral/sweet taste, lavender is a natural complement to sweet as well as savory foods and adds a fun twist to many favorites.

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