Lavender Hand Sanitizer

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These days, everyone needs an effective and aromatic hand sanitizer. Our alcohol-based Lavender Hand Sanitizer works to actively and quickly clean your hands, while its lavender essential oil adds a wonderful fragrance that will linger on your hands after use. It also contains aloe vera leaf juice which helps keep skin from drying out.

This fragrant hand sanitizer is handy to have at home for a quick squirt to clean your hands but is absolutely essential when you are out and about without easy access to soap and water.  This 4 oz. plastic bottle is small enough to carry in your purse or bag, and the perfect size to tuck into your child's backpack. Get one for everyone in your family so it's always easy to grab and apply. If you love the smell of lavender, you'll love how your hands smell after using our fragrant hand sanitizer. And, most importantly, you'll love knowing your hands are clean. 

This Lavender Hand Sanitizer is handmade in our workshops in Door County. 4 oz.

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