Lavender Citrus Foaming Hand Soap

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If you like the zesty, fresh smell of citrus and the floral, slightly herbal smell of lavender, you'll love this soap which is made with lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil. 

The wonderful scent that emerges when these two friendly essential oils are combined makes this pretty yellow liquid soap very popular.  The luxurious, fragrant lather, which is produced when the soap is pumped out of the bottle and onto your hands in a lovely foam, quickly infuses your hands with this wonderful fragrance.

The essential oils also soothe, cleanse and moisturize your hands. Since people now wash their hands frequently throughout the day, don't settle for any old soap. Use  this special hand soap that will leave your hands smelling like lemons and lavender and feeling squeaky-clean. Since you'll love washing your hands with this soap, keep a bottle handy at every sink. 8.6 oz.

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