Lavender Fields Pie Plate Candle

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With a lovely, deep-purple color and an alluring lavender scent, this fabulous pillar candle is nestled in a fragrant bed of lavender potpourri. The candle and potpourri together fill a round pie plate, making this arrangement the perfect centerpiece for a table or a distinctive decorative addition to any room.

It combines two of the most popular ways of scenting your room, as you get the continuous, subtle background scent of lavender from the potpourri and the stronger lavender scent from the candle when you light it. In terms of aromatherapy, that soothing, relaxing scent of lavender always fills your room.

If the fragrance of the potpourri starts to fade before the candle has faded, you can spritz it with our Lavender Room Spray or with our Lavender Essential Oil to revive that lovely lavender smell.  And when you are done with both the candle and the potpourri, you have a decorative pie plate for holding a new arrangement that you create.  

This pretty, fragrant item comes wrapped in clear cellophane, tied at the top with a lovely blue lavender bow, making it the perfect hostess gift, housewarming gift and all-occasion gift.  

You'll love this pretty, fragrant arrangement, whether you place it in your hall, living room, dining room or kitchen!





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